Businesses today need an online presence to do business. And if you’re a start-up or a small enterprise and want to gain traction in the market, this is even more important.

We are a design company that focuses on the digital requirements of start-ups and small businesses. We create eye-catching websites that respond on all devices, enhance your company’s digital footprint, and are search engine optimized. These can be single page or multi-page; very simple or with added functionality like online appointment scheduling, e-commerce capability or multilingual.

To complement your website, we can help you create a digital platform for your business. This can include brochures, social media imagery, newsletters and proposal templates, or branded paper items like business cards and letterheads.

Once your digital elements are set up, we can even provide ongoing support if you want to venture into digital marketing, but don’t have the time to do it yourself or the budget for an in-house person to manage the process.

Our goals are:

To put your business on the map

with a website that suits your needs

To guide you in organically

reaching your target market

To teach you how to become recognizable

using your logo and brand

To support your digital journey

in any way we can