Let us help you develop the right message for your audience.

Carefully crafted wording with the right keywords helps your prospective clients find your website.

We can either write your content for you, or rewrite and edit your existing material.

Services offered:

✔  Individual page write-ups

✔  Editing of website content

✔  Editing of blogs/news sections

✔  Editing of newsletter content

✔  Editing of press releases for a digital platform

✔  Social media content

✔  Brochure content

Our writer: Andrea Paulsen

Drawing on 30 years of experience in marketing, Andrea now focuses on writing, proofreading and editing. She has provided these services to clients in industries such as law, medical aid, pharmaceutical, hospitality, property, cosmetics, engineering, and others.

She regularly writes and edits website and brochure copy, articles, newsletter content, and press releases for various clients. In recent years she has specialized in assisting law firms with their written marketing material.

International experience includes writing and editing marketing material for a medium-sized law firm and a global legal network in the United Kingdom. Previously she held marketing roles in the music, fashion and advertising industries in Germany and South Africa.